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Transistor Bass - FL Studio Plugin

Transistor Bass - FL Studio Plugin

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Subtractiver Bassline Synthesizer als Plugin für FL Studio 20. Im Stile des TB303 Hardware Synthesizers
mit zusätzlichen Funktionen wie Pulsweite.

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Transistor Bass

Transistor Bass is a subtractive synthesizer in the style of the legendary Roland TB303™ Bassline synthesizer, but also enhances the concept by offering a number of tweaks not found in the original hardware, together with a guitar distortion, FX and a modern sequencer for fast editing of your bassline patterns.

Instantly available are the classic tweakable controls such as cutoff, resonance, envelope mod and decay essential for that acid sound.

Uniquely you can smoothly mix a blend of the square and saw waveforms for greater timbre variations instead of being limited to one or the other at a time.

You can adjust the pulse width of the square waveform or even modulate it with a built in LFO. The minimum decay parameter alows you to change the filter envelope ranger furthur than normal. The high pass parameter, normally fixed in the original hardware, is adjustable here to greatly change the character of the low frequencies.

The TB303™ was often combined with a guitar pedal to create a distorted version of the acid sound.
Transistor Bass includes a perfectly matched distortion effect built in, that can be used for subtle saturation to screaming overdrive effects.

Delay and reverb enable you to place the sound within the space you need. Apply a short slap back delay, huge cathedral reverberation or anything in between.

The Transistor Bass installer is included as demo with all FL Studio Edition registrations.
Purchase the registration for this plugin as an extra on top of FL Studio.

128 programs not only contain note sequences but entire parameter settings know as a patch. When the sequencer is turned on, input notes C0 to G10 will trigger each program. Or you can manually change the program, sequence or patch with the mouse directly.

Instantly switch between whole different sounds made up of completly different parameter settings and note sequences. Each program can be set to a different combination of sequence and patch.

The sequencer allows classic creation of acid patterns including slide and accent for each step. A sequence can be set to repeat at any step value from 1 to 16. Odd values can be used for polyrhythms that can break up the typical repition in a project. Expand the sequencer to an octave view for easy representation of the melodic pattern. Apply swing per program for an even funkier feel.

Use a seperate note colour (MIDI Channel) in the FL Studio piano roll to seperately transpose the current sequence. Most of the royalty free factory programs that come with Transistor Bass are in the key of C Aeolian/Minor Natural for easier transposition into the key of your song.

4 different skins to select
Black, Blue, Black Blue and Acid, Transistor Bass has 4 different skins, that can be included in the different presets.
Don't panic if the plugin looks different after selecting a new preset, it's just in the skin.

System requirements - Registrierte FL Studio Version!


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