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Image Line Gross Beat Plug-In -FL only! ESD - Time Manipulation

Image Line Gross Beat Plug-In -FL only! ESD - Time Manipulation

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Info über "Image Line Gross Beat Plug-In -FL only! ESD - Time Manipulation"

Hüllkurven gesteuertes Realtime Gating, Glitch, Repeat, Scratching und Stutter Effekt Plug-In (FL- VST Format)

-Elektronischer Software Download (ESD)-
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Gross Beat
Play with time! Gross Beatis a time and volume manipulation effect designed for repetition, scratching & gating effects.

Instant and powerful ...
Gross beat is perfect for real-time or rendered gating, glitch, repeat, scratching and stutter performances. Gross Beat stores audio in a 2-bar rolling buffer under the control of 36 user definable time and volume envelopes, giving you unlimited creative control.

Live or automated performance
Gross Beat Time and Volume presets can be linked to a keyboard, pad controller or automation source for on-the-fly changes to the preset. Preset slots can be set to momentary (key-held), return to base (slot 1) or hold mode on a per-preset basis. Preset-change synchronization can be set from immediate through to 4 beats (1 bar).

Let our FL Studio Guru explain you how to automate Gross Beat using automation clips or the FL keyboard pianoroll.

Gating & volume effects
In addition to the gating possibilities afforded by the spline based envelope, Gross Beat is perfect for side-chain effects without the need to link to an audio source. Just select one of the ducking-style presets for instant side-chain pumping.

The TRON Legacy legacy ...
Gross Beat can be heard on Daft Punk's Tron Legacy soundtrack playing a major part in the rhythmic structure. Why not experiment with the same presets as were used in the soundtrack: Click here to learn more.

Key features:
• Powerful MIDI controlled envelopes
• 2 bar audio buffer
• Real time effect, perfect for live performance
• 36 volume/gating envelopes with user-controlled smoothing
• Linked or independent volume & gating slot operation
• A large number of creative presets ready to go

System requirements
• Windows XP (SP2), Vista, Win7, Win8, Win8.1, Win10 - (32 & 64 Bit)
• 2Ghz AMD or Intel Pentium 3 compatible CPU with full SSE1 support
• 512 Mb RAM
• 130 Mb disc space
• DirectSound or ASIO compatible soundcard.
• VST2 compatible host.


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